• Sophia-Magdalena HOFMANN


    Possibility Management Coach

    Parent-Child Relationship Trainer

  • Conscious Asshole Training

    This is a creative space to reflect and work on those moments when you actually want to say NO, or YES and something is in your way. Something stops you from saying what you want and holding your boundaries.   


    Costs: 100-150€ sliding scale for 5x2 h sessions and

    RAGE CLUB - 4 Weeks

    During Rage Club, you dive into your powerful your resource of Anger as a tool and energy to create, hold and navigate your destiny and extraordinary relationships.


    I deliver Rage Club in English or German


    Costs: 80Eur for 4 Week + Telegram group

    Contact me for more informations and the next Dates!

    Rage Club#2

    In this Rage Club#2 we will keep on exploring the power of our anger. and energy to create, hold and navigate your destiny and extraordinary relationships.


    REQUIREMENT: you have done at least one Rage Club before


    Costs: 80Eur for 4 Week + Telegram group

    Contact me for more informations and the next Dates!

  • Love. Clarity. Transformation. Integrity. Connection. Creation.

  • What I Can Do For You


    In 2016 I discovered that modern culture has an edge. I was so angry, sad and scared that nobody had prepared me for this discovery. Now I have made this cultural edge my new home. I have trained myself in building bridges from the old culture to next culture, Archearchy. I facilitate women, men and teams to use the bridges I have built as a basis to build and cross their own bridges into a regenerative culture. As a Trainer, using the tools of Possibility Management, I hold spaces such as Possibility Teams, Rage Club, Possibility Coaching, Possibility Mediation. You can see my complete offer in the sections below: Trainings, Coachings. I am committed to the possibility that human beings can grow up and start over by stepping sideways out of ancient rigid hierarchical structures into Evolutionary circles. I have experienced the ability of human beings to collaborate and move into living instead our usual habits of competition and survival.


    Discovering the edge has unleashed my true job: delivering personal and group evolutionary shift processes by building spaces in which the vast potential of each individual is brought to life in order to serve their village.

  • About Me

    My Different Life Paths


    Looking back, it seems very natural that I ended up working with children. Very early in my life, I began taking care of the smaller children at any events my family attended. I kept on walking this path and learned how to be with the children while staying with myself and what to do to take care of them. I went to kindergartener school and worked with children at parenting coachings, special needs as well as regular kindergartens and a nursery.

    In my time as a teacher I realised that being called a teacher means a lot of people have very clear preconceptions about what I do. Therefore, I do not call myself a teacher anymore, I am a Trainer. I now work with parents and children together to help them level up their relationships and have more space for all the family members.

    Dance And Theater Witch

    Dance Teacher


    The first time I found myself in the position of being a dance teacher, I was seventeen years old and my class had sixty students in it. When the class started, I was standing there, terrified out of my mind. I didn’t back down and took on the challenge: okay, so this is it, hello and welcome. I went on to be a dance teacher for several years.

    This story is an example for how my whole life I have thrown myself into situations where I had no idea how they would work out or how I would get through them. I took the next step and went through with it, even when it looked crazy and irrational. Somehow it usually worked out. Now I know that this was because I am an Edgeworker.


    On Stage


    The first time I stepped on a stage was when I was only three years old. For the next eighteen years – until I started travelling the world – I never went more than a few weeks without giving a performance of some kind. I did theatre (anything you could possibly think of: contemporary pieces, Shakespeare, small, local groups, huge companies, a tour through Germany, collaborations with a musical director, etc.), renaissance dance, folk dances from several different countries, recitals on the clarinet, different flutes and the piano, singing, … My creativity knew no bounds.

    Becoming A Global Citizen

    After finishing High School, I was frustrated with all the things that didn’t work in my life and went as far away as I could, because there, I thought, things would be different. Working as a nanny in Australia, I lived with an ordinary, normal (and numb) family for the first time in my life. They didn’t fight with each other and I had the home I dreamt of my whole childhood – this was the beginning of my healing journey. It was a total box expansion, and proof that this dream that I was always told was impossible could actually work.

    For most of my youth, I spent my summers in the ecumenic community of Taizé in France. Coming back to Europe, I went back to Taizé, where I spent half a year as the main volunteer. I organised a summer of volunteering activity, of summer camps and four to six thousand new teenagers every week. I worked in organisation, kitchen, cleaning, welcome and management all at once and every week, I was thrown into a hundred different tasks without knowing how to do them. There, I learned some essential skills of being a Trainer, such as acting from not-knowing, multitasking, holding space and committing.

    Then, the man I wanted to share the evolution of life with offered me to come on a world trip with him. We travelled through Kuwait, India, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Canada, and then arrived back in Europe. In that time, I increasingly started to see that something is not working in the world, and after coming back to Europe, I went on an ETB Training on Mallorca. We decided to stay in one place for some time and lived two years in Leipzig together. In that time, we both committed to the Trainer Path, built a Possibility Team and went on numerous Possibility Labs and other Training Spaces.