• Sophia-Magdalena HOFMANN


    Possibility Management Trainer and Coach

    Parent-Child Relationship Trainer

  • My Bright Principles are:

    Love. Clarity. Transformation. Integrity. Connection. Creation.

  • What I Can Do For You

    In 2016 I discovered that modern culture has an edge. I was so angry, sad and scared that no-one prepared me to discover this. Now I have made this cultural edge my new home. I have trained myself in bridge-building from the old culture to next culture, Archearchy. I facilitate woman, man and teams to built and cross over the bridges I have built into regenerative culture. As a Trainer, using the tools of Possibility Management, I hold spaces such as Possibility Teams, Rage Club, Possibility Coaching, Possibility Mediation. You can see my complete offerings in the sections below Trainings, Coachings. I am committed to the possibility that human beings can grow up and start over by stepping sideways out of ancient rigid hierarchical structures into Evolutionary circles. I have experienced the ability of human beings to collaborate and move into living instead our usual habits of competition and survival.


    Discovering the edge has unleashed my true job: delivering personal and group evolutionary shift processes by building spaces in which the vast potential of each individual is brought to life in order to serve their village.

  • Trainings

    Welcome to my training spaces - you can reach out to me for more information!

    Possibility Team


    We meet every week on Thursdays from 7.30 to 9pm in central Leipzig! (German language)

    Introduction to Rage Club


    Rage Club is a brilliantly clear and fun place to morph your frustration into your own decisiveness power:


    * You are locked at home and the frustration grows everyday.

    * You feel tired and depressed even after sleeping all night and doing nothing all day.

    * You sense that you have a mission to accomplish but don't know where to start.

    * You miss adventure and aliveness.

    * You are with your children and you've lost hope to set boundaries with them that they respect. Maybe this applies also to your partner.

    * You are annoyed at the sloppiness in agreements and wish for more clarity.

    * You have participated in Rage Clubs before and long for the space!


    Doing a Rage Club online - and therefore at home - requires special attention to not disturb the neighbors. I will show you how to do this and still play full out!


    Next start is the first of November 2020!

    Work-talk: How to stay in connection with my child


    Familie Check In

    @your families place

    You want real time feedback about your relationship with your kids.

    Your try all to give them everything they need and still something feels odd.

    You want to explore new possibilities for your daily life.

    Rushing has turned in something normal.

    Time for you and your Kids. How is that possible?

    Your kids run all day long in circles around you.

    You want to create a no problem zone and something doesn't work



    8 weeks space for parents and children to get feedback and coaching while kids have play time



  • Coachings

    Welcome to my coaching spaces - if any of this resonates or doesn't resonate with you get in touch!

    Single Coaching


    A session where you are introduced to important distinctions that bring transformation into your life and upon which Possibility Coaching is based. You will have opportunity to experience first hand the powerful impact of a healing process like a relationship space clearout, or un-mixing mixed feelings, or looking at old decisions and harnessing the power to make new ones that can empower you to bring a new life.

    Online and offline.

    Couple Coaching


    A safe space for communication. For authentic relating. Here you might experience healing processes, taking apart resentments, being with, and feeling with. This is your space. For building intimacy and healing wounds.

    Online and offline.

    Possibility Mediation

    Gremlin & Child Decontamination

    Your Adult state is contaminated with your child State or your Gremlin State. Take it apart and get your power Back!

  • Writings

    7.5 Days Report

    April 2020

    The following is my personal report about this experiment. All of this started because the man I share the evolution of live with and I...

    Feeling Your Being

    April 2020

    To come to this place where I can just be with myself and start getting to know myself, I first had to get rid of the assumption...

    About Pirates And Other Creatures

    November 2019

    I was twelve years old when I first realised my calling was to be a pirate. That's a really confusing realisation — at least it was in my case. I was a blonde girl ...

  • Inspirations

    Fettlogik überwinden

    Kin of Ata is waiting for you



  • About Me

    My Different Life Paths


    If I look back its just logical that I started working with kids. Early I began to take care of the smaller ones on any kind of events in witch my family attended. I kept on going this path and learned how to be with the small one while staying with myself and what I have to do. I went to "Erzieherschule" and kept on working in different organizations like: Parent and Kids house; Heilpädagogische Tagesstätte, Kindergarten, Krippe.


    Through my time as Educator I realized that being an educator means a lot of people think they know what I am. Therefore I am not calling myself an educator anymore, I am a Trainer. Now I keep on working with parents and Kids together to level up their relationships into more space for all the Familie members.




    Dance And Theater Witch

    dance teacher (starting with a 60 students class and have never done that bevor) - my hole life I have thrown myself into situations I had no idea how thew would work out or how I am suppose to do it. I just tried/did.

    - Theatre & dance (stage live started at the age of 3 and didn't stop until I started traveling)

    Becoming A Global Citizen

    - Australia (had enough of the "ordinary life" in Germany and went as far as I could because I thought there it would be different) I lived the first time with a ordinary family with no problems zone and feeling loved & valued) I had the home I dreamed of my hole childhood - my healing started. than driving through the dessert for hours and hours.

    - Taizé (being trainer already, working in organization, kitchen, cleaning, welcome, leader, management (shop), all at once and being thrown into 100 different work tasks without knowing, each week again - all that with every week 4000 - 6000 new people)

    - World traveling (quit because of Gabriels question)

    - something is not working in the world - meeting PM

  • Creations


    Getting old recipes back to live - if you want to have an old recipe figured out send it to me.


  • Contact Me

    For any trainings, coachings or something else on your list!