• Trainings

    Welcome to my training spaces - you can reach out to me for more information!

    Possibility Team (in German)


    We meet every week on Thursdays from 7.30 to 9pm in central Leipzig/Online.

    Rage Club/Rage Club#2


    Rage Club is a brilliantly clear and fun place to morph your frustration into your own decisive power.


    I am offering Rage Club in english and german. Get in touch!

    Conscious Asshole Training


    This is a creative space to reflect and work on those moments when you actually want to say NO, or YES and something is in your way. Something stops you from saying what you want and holding your boundaries.


    next one coming soon


    Family Check In

    where your family lives

    You want real time feedback about your relationship with your children.

    Your try all to give them everything they need and it still feels like something is missing

    You want to explore new possibilities for your daily life.

    Being in a rush has turned in something normal.

    Taking time for you and your Kids. How is that possible?

    Your children run circles around you all day long

    You want to create a space without problems and something doesn't work

    Possibility Playground

    on site

    eight week series for Parents with their children to play and be together! A safe space to bring transformation into your life with your children. Take care of your relationship to your child and partner and learn who you can do your work so your child gets empowered to do its work.